Belmont Community Hall  Updated January 2024

New Street Wellington Telford TF1 1LU

UK Registered Charity No. 218225

President  Maureen Powell (Trustee)

Chair Maureen Ray

Secretary  Joseph Dewi Evans (Trustee)

Treasurer  Stephen Handley

Co-ordinator Steve Handley 07814536715

Our Mission

We are an organisation in Telford of volunteers who own, run and maintain Belmont Community Hall in Wellington.
The main goal of Belmont Community Hall is to provide a meeting place at a reasonable cost for the people of Wellington and district and to run a club for older people thus providing a sense of community and wellbeing.

Our History by Maureen Gweenyth Powell
“Belmont” as we know it today was originally known as “Wellington Old Peoples Welfare Club”, and they met for everything in the old wood and asbestos building at the bottom of Wrekin Road.

In 1960, Gerry Powell, my late husband, and his friend Dermot spent every Saturday evening calling bingo (in the old building) to raise the money to build the new present day “Belmont”. When they had raised half the money, the Town Council then paid the other half, and so Belmont Community Hall was built.

It is used every day of the week, evenings too, for many different club meetings, dance, karate and dog training classes, plus special occasion celebrations, and many other functions; a great asset to the town of Wellington.

Maureen Powell, President

We have a faithful band of volunteers who help to keep Belmont running for the benefit of others. They are NOT, however, an exclusive clique, and will always be happy to accept your help if you are able to volunteer! Just pop into the hall any Tuesday morning or Friday, and we will be pleased to discuss how we can use YOUR talents

Our committees focus on certain organisational areas within Belmont Community Hall. Find out more about the areas in which the committees are active. Maybe you would like to get involved in one of them!