Collectors’ Fair

Our Antique, Bric-a-brac & Collectors’ Fairs

These are held once a month during the winter months – usually from October to
March. Entry is free of charge and refreshments are available.

Stallholders sell a wide range of items including, Coins, Stamps, Postcards, China, Glass, Jewellery, Books, Records plus lots of assorted collectables & bric-a-brac.

Doors open at 9am and we finish at 3pm. For further information or to book a table, please contact Bob Eastwick on 01952-371626.

The last of the current season of sales was 10th March 2018, and dates for this winter are:-

October 20th 2018

November  10th 2018

December 8th 2018

January 19th 2019

February 9th 2019

March 9th 2019